Why I Hate to Love MISSGUIDED?

I remember when I first started shopping at Missguided many moons ago and the clothes were super cheap (think Primark prices pre 2009), the sizing was off, and the material felt kind of cheap. Since then the quality as well as prices have gone up. To be fair it is still super cheap, especially compared to other shops and I love their clothes! Missguided has a great range and it gives you something a little different especially if I want something to wear for a night out!

So what exactly is my problem?

Their delivery is frankly crap. Basically if you spend over a certain amount (£60) and before a certain time (9pm) you get free next day delivery…FREE and NEXT DAY!

This sounds great right…wrong! I have rarely received a next day delivery on time. I could order at 9am the day before or 6pm – this doesn’t seem to make any difference?

Even when I’ve paid the £5.00 for next day delivery service, the service hasn’t been any better!

Solution- Dear Missguided, don’t offer free next day delivery if you can’t guarantee it. We’ll love you a lot more for it and imagine the joy if we do get it the next day!

So I am reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that Missguided next day delivery actually means 2-3 working days. I have never paid for their standard delivery but I dread to think when the items would come, if at all.

So why am I still a loyal customer?

After the long wait….it’s here. I’m excited! I open my parcel, try on all my fresh clothes, and oooh a pretty pink voucher offering me 10% off my next order! Alas, weeks later all is forgiven and forgotten and I find my self surfing the new in section and oh there it is, free next day delivery if I spent £60, maybe I’ll add a few more bits to my basket!

And this is why I hate to love Missguided!

Clearly happy in my latest Missguided LBD


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